AllCore360 º

Strength. Posture. Mobility.
Resist Gravity. Redefine Your Limits.


AllCore360º Core Fitness Trainer that you ride at ThrIVe Wheeling


AllCore360 º exists to empower patients, athletes, seniors, and everyday people to train their core muscles for improved performance and recovery in a unique and more efficient way. 

The AllCore360 ° leverages the force of gravity to train all of the core muscles in a no impact, balanced, and coordinated fashion. Using isometric contractions to resist gravity, riders engage and train over 50 internal core muscles while performing a 360° plank.


A healthy core is in a constant state of tone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To keep it trained — or to help it heal — it’s essential to build and activate the muscles regularly. Here’s how the AllCore360 ° does that:

  • NO IMPACT: Engage 50+ core muscles with isometric contractions to stimulate and strengthen the body in 360 degrees in only 10 minutes.
  • EFFECTIVE: Positively impact core stability, balance, and coordination to build strength, improve balance, and increase endurance.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The AllCore360 ° is adjustable to multiple degrees of difficulty, allowing for recovery or training at any level. 

By offering therapy-based exercises for lower back pain, core strength, and athletic training, we’re revolutionizing how people move.

AllCore360° is a patented technology that trains all of the body’s core muscles with a no-impact, isometric, balanced and coordinated technique.

AllCore360º Core Fitness Trainer that you ride at ThrIVe Wheeling
AllCore360º Strengthens your CORE at ThrIVe Wheeling

We change the way people move — one rotation at a time.

  • Feel rejuvenated
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Stand taller
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Promotes healing
  • Improves physique
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Prevents injury
  • Improves muscle symmetry
  • Speeds muscle recovery
  • Experience AllCore360º. You’ll ride on a core strength device for 10 minutes, exercising 54+ core muscles in perfect sequence.
  • Nothing!

The AllCore 360º is designed to stimulate every core muscle to deliver rehabilitation and long-term performance for users of virtually all abilities.

“The AllCore360° is something that can help everyone: stroke survivors, spinal cord injury patients, chronic back pain sufferers... you name it.” For well over a decade, I have worked with disabled individuals. There’s never a shortage of new devices or technology that comes out for rehabilitation. The AllCore360° has brought a considerable amount of excitement to our clientele. The majority of the people we see on a daily basis are wheelchair users with some sort of neurological or muscular dysfunction that affects their core stability. When they understood that working their core was no longer going to be a hassle, they all quickly got on board
Joshua Zottnick
“The AllCore360° has changed my life. I use my body for everything, whether it is as a professional athlete or in my current line of work. I have had a lot of injuries over the years. I got hit by a car at 40mph while I was biking. I shattered my arm in a mountain biking accident. I blew my knee out while skiing. People have told me multiple times that I’ll never be able to run, swim, or work again. There is not one thing I cannot do. Not one. AllCore360° has relieved the pain I was getting in my back and has cut down on the time I spend training. I am a lot stronger and more stable now.”
Shannon Greenhill
“I understand how important the core is to everything we do in our daily activities. This is unquestionably the first system I’ve seen that can improve the health and wellness of every single one of my clients.”
Dr. Tim Gregory, DC

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